Support Satchin Panda’s Lab at Salk

The basic and translational research in Satchin Panda’s Lab is made possible by federal grants, foundation support and private philanthropy.

Your donation(s) directly contributes to advancing scientific knowledge and its application in improving the life of everyone.

The best way to support our research is to make a secure donation online. All donations are tax deductible. Salk Institute’s Tax ID number is 95-2160097.

We are seeking seed funding to support our laboratory experiments, which aim to test innovative and high-risk ideas with the potential for high impact. If successful, the results from these experiments will be shared through publications and may serve as preliminary data for larger grant applications from both federal and non-federal funding sources.

In addition to supporting ongoing research, your contributions play a vital role in bridging funding gaps that often arise during project implementation. Funding agencies often allocate only a fraction of the requested budget for proposed experiments, or new technologies may open avenues for additional studies within ongoing research. By filling this funding gap, you enable us to continue conducting high-quality research and explore promising scientific avenues.

We place great importance on communicating our scientific discoveries to the wider community. Our students and research scholars attend conferences and symposiums to showcase their breakthroughs and receive valuable feedback to refine their work. However, the rising costs of travel logistics and conference registration pose challenges. Your generous contributions go a long way in facilitating scientists’ ability to communicate their results to their peers and foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Moreover, the cost of scientific publication is increasing. Preparing manuscripts entails significant time and effort, from analyzing results and creating impactful yet accurate illustrations to editing and formatting the manuscript. Additionally, publication fees for open-access journals are a consideration. By supporting these publication expenses, you play a crucial role in enabling us to disseminate our research findings effectively.

Our research team strives to make scientific knowledge accessible to the broader public. We achieve this through various means, such as blog posts, review articles, podcasts, appearances in mass media, and participation in public events. These efforts help bridge the gap between scientific research and public understanding. Philanthropic grants and individual donations support the continuous updates and maintenance of our app, myCircadianClock. This app allows everyone to participate in research by sharing aspects of their daily lifestyle. The data collected through this app are invaluable in understanding the barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle and guiding our research toward pragmatic lifestyle intervention studies in controlled clinical trials.

Your support, whether for laboratory experiments, conference attendance, publication costs, or the maintenance of research tools like myCircadianClock, directly contributes to advancing scientific knowledge and its application in improving lives. We sincerely appreciate your generosity in helping us continue our important work.