Principal Investigator

Satchin Panda

Satchin Panda, a professor in the Regulatory Biology Laboratory, is interested in understanding the molecular mechanism of the biological clock in a mouse model system. The biological clock or circadian oscillator in most organisms coordinates behavior and physiology with the natural light-dark cycle. His laboratory uses genetic, genomics and biochemical approaches to identify genes under circadian regulation in different organs and to understand the mechanism of such regulation. His lab also tries to characterize the mechanism by which the circadian oscillator is synchronized to the natural light-dark condition. Both classical rod/cone photoreceptors and a newly identified ocular photopigment melanopsin participate in photoentrainment of the clock. Research in his lab is geared towards identifying molecular components and events critical for transmitting light information from the eye to the master oscillator in the brain.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Hugo Calligaro

Hugo Calligaro

Shaunak Deota

Shaunak Deota


Emily Manoogian

I received my PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior in 2015 from the UMass Amherst. My researched focused on gaining an understanding of the behavioral, neurobiological, and genetic bases of the circadian mutant hamster known as duper. In early 2016, I joined the Panda lab to apply my knowledge of chronobiology to human translation studies. I am now the head of human research in the Panda lab, with a focus on Time-Restricted Feeding. Outside of lab, I love to travel, go the beach, sketch/paint, and tap dance!


Gabriele Sulli

I am a postdoc originally from Sicily. I received my PhD from the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. My main interest is to explore the connection between cancer and circadian rhythms alteration.
Research Assistant

Hiep Le

I joined Dr. Panda’s lab in 2005 as a research assistant. Since then I’ve worked with Xenopus laevis, Drosophila melanogaster and Mus musculus to help elucidate how the circadian clock works and what it affects. When I’m not in the lab, I’m usually taking photos or eating, or combining both and taking photos of the food I eat.

Terry Lin

Staff Scientist

Amandine Chaix

I received my PhD in immunology in 2010 from the University of Science of Luminy in Marseille, France. I joined the Panda lab as a postdoc because of my interest in the temporal circadian regulation of physiological processes. Aside from the lab, I used to be a ski addict, now I am surf trainee.

Ludovic Mure

I joined the Panda lab about 3 years ago after I graduated from the University of Lyon in France. I’m interested in non—visual photoreception which includes entrainment of circadian rhythms, pupil constriction, modulation of mood, alertness and cognitive processes and is mainly regulated by a recently discovered photopigment, melanopsin. Outside the lab I enjoy cooking, traveling and boxing.

Panda lab alumni

Amir Zarrinpar

Assistant Professor

Shubhroz Gill

Postdoctoral Fellow
(Broad Institute)

Phuong Miu

Research Technician

Sandhya Pulivarthy

Research Fellow
(Massachusetts General Hospital)

Quansheng Zhu

Assistant Researcher

Sowmya Yelamanchili

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kacee Jones

Lab Coordinator
(KU Medical Center)

Christopher Vollmers

Assistant Professor
(UC Santa Cruz)

Chrissta Maracle

Postdoctoral Fellow
(Leiden University)

Luciano DiTacchio

Assistant Professor
(KU Medical Center)

Sheena Keding

CSU Fresno

Masatoshi Hirayama

Assistant Professor
Keio University School of Medicine

Cindy Liu


Luis Rios

Graduate Student